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An Accidental Corpse by Helen A Harrison

Friday, August 21, 2020 MysteryFiction

An Accidental Corpse by Helen A Harrison front cover

On the night of 11 August 1956, less than a mile from his home in East Hampton, artist Jackson Pollock crashed his green, convertible Oldsmobile 88 into a tree. The 44-year-old Pollock and a female passenger were killed instantly. Ruth Kligman, Pollock’s mistress, survived the accident. This is the real-world basis Helen A Harrison begins with for her crime novel An Accidental Corpse.

Initially the deceased passenger, Kligman’s roommate, Edith Metzger, is presumed to have been killed by the impact of the crash. However, the autopsy proves that she suffered a broken neck and died of asphyxiation before the accident...

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An Exquisite Corpse by Helen A. Harrison

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 General  No comments

Murder is a work of art…

When the acclaimed Cuban painter Wifredo Lam turns up dead in his Greenwich Village studio, officers Juanita Diaz and Brian Fitzgerald of the NYPD, must investigate the crime. But what they find is much more gruesome than they ever could have imagined.

Suspicion soon falls on a tight-knit circle of Surrealist refugees who fled Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II, and Diaz and Fitzgerald must traverse the city, from Chinatown’s underworld to Spanish Harlem’s gangland, to find the truth. Did one of the artists’ bizarre parlor games turn deadly? Or is there something even more sinister afoot?

Dollycas’s Thoughts  A group of Surrealist refugees has taken up residence in New York after fleeing Europe during World War II...

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