Father of the Bride by Edward Streeter

Comedy Historical Romance

Father of the Bride by Edward Streeter, Poor Mr. Banks! His jacket is too tight, he can’t get a cocktail, and he’s footing the bill…He’s the father of the bride.

Stanley Banks is just your ordinary suburban dad. He’s the kind of guy who believes that weddings are simple affairs in which two people get married...

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Talk of the Town by Joan Smith

Historical Romance Mystery


Talk of the Town by Joan Smith,  Daphne Ingleside’s visit to her Aunt Effie in London was meant to add a little spark to her placid country life. And it did—once the two women decided to write Effie’s memoirs. For Effie, a faded divorcée, had been the beauty of London in her day, and many of the ton feared their misbehavior would be disclosed.

The Duke o...

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Timepiece by Merinda Brayfield

Historical Fiction

Timepiece by Merinda Brayfield, Frank Martin used to be a police officer, with a wife and two children. It was neither a great life, nor a happy one, but he did well enough. Now, he’s a corporal in the English army fighting in the deadliest war ever recorded...

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Christmas For The Shop Girls by Joanna Toye

Christmas Romance

About The Book

For Lily Collins and her fellow shop girls at Marlow’s Department store, another Christmas with ration books, shortages of goods and staff – not to mention a store coping with war damage – will be a real challenge.
But the girls rally round and put their worries aside to make this, the hardest wartime Christmas yet, one that their families, and...

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Ten Things I Hate About the Duke: Difficult Dukes by Loretta Chase

This time, who’s taming whom…

Cassandra Pomfret holds strong opinions she isn’t shy about voicing. But her extremely plain speaking has caused an uproar, and her exasperated father, hoping a husband will rein her in, has ruled that her beloved sister can’t marry until Cassandra does.

Now, thanks to a certain wild-living nobleman, the last shreds of Cassan...

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The Enigma Game by Elizabeth Wein

1940. Facing a seemingly endless war, fifteen-year-old Louisa Adair wants to fight back, make a difference, do something-anything to escape the Blitz and the ghosts of her parents, who were killed by enemy action...

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The Revolt by Clara Dupont

About The Book

Richard Lionheart tells the story of his mother, Eleanor of Aquitaine. In 1173, she and three of her sons instigate a rebellion to overthrow the English king, her husband Henry Plantagenet...

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The Grove of the Caesars by Lindsey Davis

In the sacred grove of Julius Caesar, something deadly stirs in the undergrowth—a serial killer, who haunted the gardens for years, has claimed another victim—

At the feet of her adoptive father, renowned private informer Marcus Didius Falco, Flavia Albia learned a number of important rules...

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