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Clashing Hearts by Nicky James

Wednesday, July 22, 2020 FictionNovel

Easton Campbell loves the farm and the land he grew up on. There is no place else he wants to live, but the farm isn’t doing well, and Easton fears it will just be a matter a time before he loses his home. However, if Easton is forced to sell, it won’t be to Lachlan Montgomery and his big city ideas and money. If only Easton could have known who Lachlan was before he kissed him.

Lachlan likes living in the city and he likes his money and his expensive clothes. He has no interest in driving hours to the country, but when his father, who is also his boss, says jump, Lachlan jumps. Lachlan has no choice but to make this deal and get Easton to sell, but Lachlan didn’t count on how stubborn Easton would be and also how hot he looks in his jeans and cowboy boots...

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