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ZOOM by Robert Munsch, Read Aloud Michael Martchenko

Monday, August 19, 2019 Video  No comments

ZOOM by Robert Munsch,  Read Aloud by Michael Marchenko,

This story is about a little girl called Lauretta who was in a wheelchair.  Her mother was at school to pick her up and Lauretta, said I need a new wheelchair.  It was to be a surprise but we are going to find another wheelchair today.  When they arrived her mother pointed out a 5 speed wheelchair.  Lauretta, zoomed around the store.  When mother asked how she liked it….she replied ‘it’s too slow.’  They looked at a 10 speed again she went ZZOOOOOM around the store but she came back and when mother asked how she liked it…she replied ‘it’s too slow.’  Well, there’s a nice 15 speed so she went ZZOOOOOOOOOOOOM around the store.  When her mother asked again she said ‘it too slow.’

Finally her mother asked well, which one do you ...

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