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In His Father’s Footsteps A Novel By Danielle Steel

Saturday, March 7, 2020 Novel  No comments

In His Father’s Footsteps A Novel By Danielle Steel.

U.S. troops on the 8 of April 1945 received a shortwave transmitter message in Morse code in Russian and English, “To the Allies. To the army of General Patton. This is the Buchenwald concentration camp. SOS. We request help. They want to evacuate us.  The SS wants to destroy us.” They received a message three minutes later.  “KzBu. Hold out. Rushing to your aid.  Staff of Third Army.” Three days later they entered Buchenwald.

Jakob Stein came running out to the officers that came to rescue them and helped them since he could speak a number of different languages.  He was able to tell the women they were safe now.  When they reached the women’s barracks he ran looking for Emmanuelle...

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