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Sister’s A Novel By Danielle Steel

Friday, March 6, 2020 Novel  No comments

Sister’s A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Candy is the youngest sister of four.  Next comes Annie who is the third sister. Second is Tammy.  And first is Sabrina. Candy, a model from the age of seventeen and now is 21 years old.  Annie is an artist and now is 26 years old.  Tammy is a producer of “Doctors” and is now 29 years old.  Sabrina is a family law attorney in the busiest practice in New York and is 34 years old. All four are expected to go home for the Fourth of July weekend.  The only one with a boyfriend is Sabrina.  His name is Chris and he is like one of the family and a fellow attorney at the same practice.

The Fourth of July weekend is one they will never forget...

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