Bad Debt by William H.S. McIntyre

About The Book

Defence Lawyer Robbie Munro’s wife has been stalked by a witness in a trial she is prosecuting. When the stalker is killed and Robbie is charged with murder his friends are only too willing to come up with schemes to prove his innocence. In the end though, will it be his enemies who make the difference?

My Thoughts

Robbie Munro will have a diffi...

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Murder, Forgotten by Deb Richardson-Moore

Murder, Forgotten by Deb Richardson-Moore front cover

Julianna Burke is a successful crime writer, loved by readers the world over. Her books sell and sell, with each new release eagerly awaited by fans. She and her husband Connor are very much in love and enjoy a charmed life, with homes in South Carolina and Scotland.

As we first meet Julianna, she’s arriving at the second of those homes, a remote property on the Fi...

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