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Remembrance by Danielle Steel

Monday, September 14, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

Remembrance by Danielle Steel,  Serena di San Tibaldo is on her way to Italy. Her eyes “looked like icy cold green pools of very fine emeralds, incredibly beautiful, but with very little warmth.” The doors of her soul were closed.  As she traveled on the train her thoughts took her to the last time she saw her grandmother.  Her grandmother sent Serena to America to live in a convent in New York.  She was only twelve at the time.

She arrived in Venice and it felt like she had come home.  She told the gondolier her grandmothers address.  When they arrived at the house there was no one home, it looked abandoned, shutters were falling off.  Other gondoliers said she had passed and the house was sold.  She got back into the gondolier and asked him to take her to a church...

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