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Interview: The Hunted by Gabriel Bergmoser

Saturday, July 25, 2020 ThrillerFiction

Australian Crime Author Gabriel Bergmoser

At 26 years of age, Australian author Gabriel Bergmoser is already something of a phenomenon in his own country. He’s won the Peter Ustinov and Kenneth Branagh awards for his scriptwriting, and has three young adult thrillers to his name. Now the Melbourne-based writer has fixed his focus on the crime fiction genre with The Hunted, a tense and bloody pursuit through wasteland in a place that could easily be called The Middle of Nowhere, Australia.

In the book, a young woman called Allie arrives to stay with her grandfather, Frank, at a forgotten service station. Also on the highway are the free-spirited wanderer, Simon, and a woman called Maggie who will tie all their fates together. Plus, out there somewhere are those hunters referred to in the title.

From his lockdown base in Melbou...

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The Resident by David Jackson

Saturday, July 18, 2020 ThrillerFiction

About The Book

Thomas Brogan is a serial killer. With a trail of bodies in his wake and the police hot on his heels, it seems like Thomas has nowhere left to hide. That is until he breaks into an abandoned house at the end of a terrace on a quiet street. And when he climbs up into the loft, he realises that he can drop down into all the other houses through the shared attic space.
That’s when the real fun begins. Because the one thing that Thomas enjoys even more than killing is playing games with his victims – the lonely old woman, the bickering couple, the tempting young newlyweds. And his new neighbours have more than enough dark secrets to make this game his best one yet…
Do you fear The Resident? Soon you’ll be dying to meet him.

My Thoughts

First of all, I want to say that I...

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Lost by Leona Deakin – Blog Tour

Thursday, July 9, 2020 MysteryFiction  No comments

About The Book

Lost by Leona Deakin There is an explosion at a military ball. The casualties are rushed to hospital in eight ambulances, but only seven vehicles arrive. Captain Harry Peterson is missing.
His girlfriend calls upon her old friend Dr Augusta Bloom, who rushes to support the investigation. But no one can work out what connects the bomb and the disappearance. When Harry is eventually discovered three days later, they hope he holds the answers to their questions.
But he can’t remember a single thing.

My Thoughts

Can you imagine that after a bombing you can’t find your loved ones? You saw them alive before the ambulance arrived but then they disappeared!
This is the perfect case for Dr Augusta Bloom, she is fearless and persistent and nothing will stop her to discover what r...

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The Bone Jar by SW Kane

Friday, July 3, 2020 MysteryFiction  No comments

About the Book, “The Bone Jar” by SW Kane, Two murders. An abandoned asylum.

The Bone Jar by SW Kane, Two murders. An abandoned asylum. Will a mysterious former patient help untangle the dark truth?

The body of an elderly woman has been found in the grounds of a derelict asylum on the banks of the Thames. As Detective Lew Kirby and his partner begin their
investigation, another body is discovered in the river nearby. Gradually, the secrets of Blackwater Asylum begin to reveal themselves; there are rumours of secret rooms, unspeakable psychological experimentation and a dark force that haunts the ruins. Urban explorer Connie Darke has her own interest in the asylum; it’s where her sister died in a freak accident and she’s determined to help Kirby expose its grisly past...

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The Lies I Tell by Joel Hames

Thursday, June 11, 2020 Thriller  No comments

About the Book

The Lies I Tell by Joel Hames  Meet Polly, Meet Emily, Meet Belinda,  They’re all me. My name is Lisa and I’m an identity thief. If I’m not inside your system stealing your money, I’ve probably already stolen it. I’m your friend. I’m a thief. I’m gone.
I’m in control.
Only now, the tables have been turned. I’m in danger. My son is in danger. And I don’t know where that danger’s coming from.
Any friend.
Any enemy.
Any stranger.
Anyone from the past I’ve been trying to outrun for years.

My Thoughts

The Lies I Tell by Joel Hames, Are you who you say you are? In a moment when identity theft is something usual, who could validate that you are who you are saying? There’s one movie that I loved when I was young called “The Net” wher...

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