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Discovery Globe by Leon Gray

Friday, July 31, 2020 Children's

I know that each child has their own needs and hobbies, sadly mine is only 4 and is totally obsessed with countries and flags (as I am sure you are aware if you follow me). That’s why we are always looking for toys with flags/countries for my little one to learn in a funny way, I can say that he recognises more flags than me and knows where to locate them in the map!
That’s why when I saw the book/toy Discovery Globe by Walker I thought it would be an amazing present for him and I think for any kid who loves to learn in a funny way! Because this is quite a complete set, there’s a book and a globe to assemble.

I’ll start talking about the globe, it’s quite easy to assemble (if the child is young, you’ll have to help them)...

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