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The Road Winds On by Francena Arnold

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 Christian  No comments

The Road Winds On by Francena Arnold

“A winding path of self-examination _the road winds on.  For Andy Lewis it is a long road.  He is engaged to the lovely Kay Putney, and planning to go to the Congo after they marry, Andy marvels at the wonderful life in store for him.  As a doctor and nurse they plan to help Andy’s father, Dr. Thomas Lewis, with his medical missionary work in Africa.”

“Does she never get tired, Waters?  She never walks if she can run, and she’d never run if she could fly.”

The older nurse laughed.  “She’s so full of the joy of living that she can hardly keep her feet on the ground.  We’re going to miss her when you take her away, Dr. Lewis.”

“I need her worse than you do.   Anyway, I spoke for her first,” he said with a grin...

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