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The Good Fight by Danielle Steel

Thursday, September 10, 2020 FictionNovel  No comments

The Good Fight by Danielle Steel, This story starts in the 1940’s and Hitler’s rein of terror.  Meredith was turning six soon and she remembered the day her father(Robert) went to do his part in the war against Hitler.  She remembers her mother(Janet) crying and her grandparents were there, how proud her grampa (Bill)was of his son.  After he left, her grampa took her for a walk and asked her if she understood why her father had to go to Washington. He explained to her that they wanted to bring Hitler to justice for his crimes against humanity. Even at six years of age he believed she would understand what he was talking about.

A few years after, Robert’s appointment took him and his family to Nuremburg where he and a number of others prosecuted war criminals...

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