The Apartment A Novel By Danielle Steel

The Apartment  a Novel by Danielle Steel.  Claire Kelly, Abby Williams, and five years later, Morgan Shelby, Sasha Hartman, join them and became sister’s in an apartment loft in Hell’s Kitchen.  Claire is a shoe designer, Abby is a writer, Morgan is in finance, Sasha is a Doctor and Valentina is a headliner supermodel and drops by to see her identical twin, Sasha.

Claire’s boss was Arthur Adams and he was ultraconservative which stymied her creative sense. His father had started their business  and he lived by the saying “don’t fix what’s not broken.” He also believed high-fashion shoes was a passing trend.  He therefore discarded all her innovative designs, which left Claire frustrated to say the least.

Abby on the other hand was under the spell of Ivan who had her painting backgrounds even though he had promised her to produce a play she had written.  He always had excuses and none of her sister’s liked him because they felt she was being used.

Morgan on the other hand enjoyed her job, but she hated her old roomate and when she met Claire and saw the apartment Morgan begged them to let her come in with them. She loved the place and the more she spoke to them the decision seemed a foregone conclusion.

Sasha on the other hand was not going to be around much.  She was either in classes, working or in the library, studying.  The one thing Sasha didn’t tell them was that she had an identical twin.  Valentina loved to trade placeses with her twin.  Strangely enough Claire was the only one who could tell the difference between the two.

The four of them became so close they called themselves a family.  They were sisters even though they were not  biologically related.  Claire was an only child who’s mother put her in private schools by doing odd jobs since she was an interior designer and gave up her career for her husband.  Claire said she would never give up her career for a man.  Abby was an only child as well. Her parents were willing to support their daughter but not her boyfriend.

Morgan had an older brother with a male partner.  All she remembered of her childhood were the fights and her mother drinking when they came home from school. She also didn’t want to bring children into a life where the odds were that they would be raised in a home where parents faught.

Sasha was an identical twin and their parents were divorce and they were still fighting.  Her father remarried a woman that gave him two beautiful girls.  He was happy and Sasha’s mother was angry about his two additional children.  She was a divorce lawyer.

The Apartment a Novel by Danielle Steel.  Each of the girls has more to their story.  Does Claire stay in her dead end job?  And Abby does she allow Ivan to continue using her?  Morgan, what happens to her? Sasha, does she end up alone or does she find happiness?   Valentina, does she end up alone as well? Which is the stronger one of the twins? I have just given you a taste of the beginning, if you want more of this story please go to amazon and buy a copy.  Thank you (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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