The Cast by Danielle Steel


The Cast  by Danielle Steel,  Kait Whittier ignored the christmas party going on in the other room outside her office.  She wanted her column in, “Ask Kait”,  before she left. When she first started there they called her piece the “agony column” but when they realized the following she was getting plus she got her master’s in psychology at NYU they saw that they had a goldmine with her column.

Kait had a lot to do before two of her children and grandchildren came for the holidays, even thou they didn’t stay long, it was good to see them.  Her first stop was to buy a tree, some branches and a wreath.  She walked the rest of the way to her apartment and got ready for the tree to arrive.  She brought out the decorations some of which her children would expect to be on the tree, from their childhood and her’s.  While she decorated the tree she had thoughts about the woman who raised her, her grandmother had been the most important person in her childhood.

The first thing Kait did while waiting for her children to arrive was to try calling Candace but she didn’t answer.  Her middle child worried her.  As usual Candace wasn’t able to come for Christmas.  Tom, her oldest had been turned into a Texan by his wife and father-in-law.  Tom and his wife and daughters where coming on his father-in-laws plane.  Her youngest, Stephanie arrived an hour later wearing a wool, plaid jacket of Frank’s, her boyfriend which she had borrowed for the trip.  Their visit was short only two days to enjoy her children and grandchildren.

Kait had planned to spend a quiet night at home on New Year’s Eve but she got a call from Jessica Hartley and ran out of excuses so she agreed to go.  When she arrived at their home she discover why Jessica had been to instant that she should come.  She was matched up with an L.A. producer named Zack Winter.  When they sit down he told Kait that he was a fan of her “Tell Kait” column.  After a while half the table is talking about their favorite shows.  Then Kait is told that she should write a Bible(which is another name for a story).  Well, the next day she thinks about a story line and it seems to just pour out of her.  By midnight she has been writing for fifteen hours and she looks at what she has written and decides to call it the Wilder Women.  She contacts Zack and tells him she wrote a story and he tells her to email it to him and she does.

Well, Kait doesn’t hear from Zack for three weeks. She begins to think he hated it, and all kinds of thought roll around in her mind.  Now she was embarrassed that she had even sent it to him.  But, he called her finally and tells her he thinks if was a fortuitous meeting her at New Years Eve. He then tells her that he will be in New York for a meeting the following day and ask’s if she will meet him for a drink. She agree’s.

The next day she was a nervous wreck.  He ask’s her if she remembers what he said when he called her and told her their meeting had fortuitous for both of them.  He could tell she was scared out of her mind. So he told she had written a terrific story!  He then told her he didn’t want to call her until he had something concrete to tell her.  He tells her that she is his new good luck charm.  He tells her about meeting with the cable networks.  One of the networks just lost a show and they feel that her story would fit the bill.  She proceeds to tell him she can’t write a script to which he say’s that he has one already lined up who wants to do the script.

Well, the story goes on but if you want to find out what happens you’ll have to buy the book.  The Cast by Danielle Steel, is truly a great novel.  You can buy it through Amazon.  Thank you (c) Erma Friesen 2020


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