The Dark Side by Danielle Steel

The Dark Side  by Danielle Steel  Zoe and Rose Morgan were a perfect complement as sisters.  Zoe had dark, shining, straight hair, Rose on the other hand had curly, halo of white-blond hair which sat as a cap on her head. Zoe always was shy, Rose was an irresistible child.  Rose was three when she was diagnosed with leukemia.  Zoe asked her mother what that was and she tried to explain it to her.  Zoe saw something else in her eyes, fear.  Rose would go to hospital with her mother and Zoe stayed with her dad.

Rose was in the hospital a lot the first year.  She slept a lot and then Rose had a bone marrow transplant from her mother and she got well again. Her hair came back a little darker then it use to be. She was fine for a couple of years but then it came back even worse then it had been the first time. Rose slipped away to heaven when she was seven.  Zoe’s mother stayed in bed a lot and her father tried to get her to the doctor but she wouldn’t go.  She said that nothing would bring Rose back.

Zoe missed Rose a lot too but her parents ignored her and she had to look after herself.  Eventually the marriage fell apart and Brad moved away.  Zoe was told she could come and visit any time.  Beth created a problem for her every time she suggested going to visit her father Brad.  Zoe finally realized that to keep peace in her home she had to stay away from her father Brad.  He was the only one who decided to see a therapist to deal with the grief of losing his daughter Rose.  After the divorce he went to a new therapist because he wanted to marry the original therapist Pam.

Zoe was valedictorian of her class, they expected nothing less.  She got into almost all of the universities she applied to, but Zoe chose Yale for pre-med.  She wanted to become a pediatrician.  Seeing her half-sister was acutely painful since Ashley reminded everyone of Rose.

Zoe graduated with honors from Yale. She did enjoy college, but did well.  She excelled for two years at Duke Medical.  Then she decided seven years was too much to be an intern and a resident. She wanted instant gratification.  She took a leave of absence and started working for a non-profit shelter for abused children. Zoe’s empathy was seen by the children and her superiors.  She eventually went to NYU in the administration of non-profits.

She met Austin Roberts who was mesmerized by Zoe.  She turned him down a few times before she agreed to have dinner with him.  He was a Harvard educated advocacy attorney.  Austin and Zoe lived together for a couple of years before getting married.  They were married for a year with no results in having a child. So, they went to a fertility specialist.  They did four attempts at in vitro fertilization and the last one took.  Zoe had an easy pregnancy.  They named her Jaime Rose Roberts.  As Jaime grew she had all kinds of accidents, and Zoe had a unique way of handling things.  After watching Zoe with the baby and all the accidents Austin’s mother is concerned about Zoe’s state of mind.

What kind of accidents does Jaime have? Why is Austin’s mother concerned about Zoe’s state of mind? Zoe’s step mother is concerned that she never saw a therapist why is that?

The Dark Side by Danielle Steel  Why is it a thriller with no murder? Or does someone need protection from a possible killer?  Get the book and find out for yourself.  Thank you   (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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