The Deepening Stream

“The Deepening Stream” by Francena Arnold.

The dramatic and compelling story of a young newspaperman’s search for meaning and purpose in a career that suddenly began to go sour.  Neil Abbott found that God’s ways are sometimes strange to human reasoning and “past finding out” until one allows himself to become the part of……………

The debate…. “All things happen for our good,” was said by a guest speaker at a church, where Neil Abbott and friends attended one evening.  “I agree.  But just now I’d rather hear what you think about this business of all things being for our good.   Or of us waiting for action until we’ve found what we interpret as God’s leading. Do you think that’s the way we’re supposed to live?”

Neil had been invited to a lodge, owned by his boss ‘Mr. Rossiter’. They had to take a train for part of the way.  A school bus was waiting to take them to the lodge.  Mr. Rossiter had a son named Terry, that attached himself to Neil.  Mr. Rossiter the next morning requested they all had devotions before they went out for the day.  The next day he insisted that they all go to Church. Tuesday was the day they were to return to the city.  Neil was sitting on the train when re realized he didn’t have his camera, and he new right where it was.  He had left it in one store, he thought he’d have time to go and get it but when he came back the end of the train was still heading down the track, too far for him to catch it.

Neil thinks he can get the next train but soon realizes that it will be a while before the snow that is falling will be removed from the track.  See how he finds the christian, people in the small town of Appleboro…………….

The Deepening Stream, by Francena Arnold

Erma Friesen

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