The Good Fight by Danielle Steel

The Good Fight by Danielle Steel, This story starts in the 1940’s and Hitler’s rein of terror.  Meredith was turning six soon and she remembered the day her father(Robert) went to do his part in the war against Hitler.  She remembers her mother(Janet) crying and her grandparents were there, how proud her grampa (Bill)was of his son.  After he left, her grampa took her for a walk and asked her if she understood why her father had to go to Washington. He explained to her that they wanted to bring Hitler to justice for his crimes against humanity. Even at six years of age he believed she would understand what he was talking about.

A few years after, Robert’s appointment took him and his family to Nuremburg where he and a number of others prosecuted war criminals.  They found a young German girl (fraulein Anna)to help them with household duties and looking after Meredith or Merrie as she was often called.  Within six months Janet discovered she was pregnant and Anna said she could help with the baby. After the baby was born Merrie found out it was a boy that they called Alexander.  Anna taught Merrie how to speak German by pointing to different objects and telling her the name.  Merrie went to school where the girls and boys went to the same school and not like the school she had in America where she went to an all girls school.  They were in Germany for four years and Merrie didn’t want to leave.

At this time Bill was appointed to become the Justice of the  Supreme Court.  He told Merrie that she was going to come to Washington for his swearing-in and to visit him at the Supreme Court.  Grampa told her about what was going on in the world which her father was against because he felt she was too young. According to Bill, Robert was trying to keep Merrie in the dark ages where women were wife’s and mothers and left everything to the men.

Merrie went back to an all girl’s school which she did not enjoy.  She graduated and did not want to be in the Coming Out Cotillion.   Her father convinced her to do it for her mother and she finally agreed.

Merrie did go to college but most of the girls used it to find a partner at the mixers that the colleges arranged.  The girls would then quit college in order to plan their weddings.  Her mother had gone to the same college called Vasser.  She met a woman who was close to herself in age plus this new friend was German and they were able to speak to each other in German. Merrie had missed speaking the language since moving back from Nuremberg.

When Merrie finished college she was hired at a location that asked people to ride the train or bus and give up their seats for the black and to picket against some of the issues the world  faced.  Numerous times she ended up in jail and had to call her father in order to get out.  She then went to Law school which is what she had wanted since she young.

The story continues into her law school years and when she wrote the bar exam and then after her grandfather passed away she was given a third of inheritance money which she used to open her own office.  And her friend Claudia asked for her help in trying to get back some of the money that was stolen by the Nazi’s and a lot more interesting sub stories.  Does she ever meet someone that she would be interested in spending the rest of her life with? Does she ever start a family?  Only reading  The Good Fight  by Danielle Steel will give you the answers to these questions.  Amazon carries Danielle Steel books.  Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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