The Long Road Home a Novel by Danielle Steel

The Long Road Home a Story by Danielle Steel,

A clock was ticking in the hall and Gabriella Harrison burrowed into the closet till she was behind all the coats, her mother would have a hard time to find her there.  Her mother walked by a few times but she didn’t stop to open it till finally she stopped and opened the door.  Eloise put in her hand and grabbed her daughters arm and yanked her off the floor of the closet till she lay at her feet.  Gabriella looked up at her mother and knew she would not see any mercy for her there.

She didn’t understand why her mother didn’t love at all.  Every time she did something wrong she was told how bad she was.  The beatings that she endured were done in a way that no one knew.  She didn’t say a word because it would have been even worse for her to cry or say any thing. When her father, John Harrison came home he saw what his wife was doing but he didn’t stop her because of what would happen to him.  Instead he went and mixed a martini.  His drinking had started about the time that Gabriellas beatings had begun.

Her parents gave a party but Gabriella was told to stay in her room.  She wanted to see how everyone was dressed.  One of her mothers friends saw her at the top of the stairs and just had to go up and see her.  They talked for a while and Aunt Marianne, as she was told to greet her parents friends,  Gabriella commented on the tiara was wearing.  Finally she went back to her room and curled up at the foot of the bed.

After the party was over and everyone was leaving Marianne commented on how beautiful their daughter was.  Eloise was annoyed when she found out about their conversation.  She was also upset with her husband over the amorous dances he had with Prince Orlovskys mistress.  But she blamed everything that happened on her daughter, Gabriella.  That night Eloise went into Gabriellas bedroom and took the dolly that she received from her only grandmother that she knew.  Eloise broke the doll by throwing it against the wall a couple of times.  She then proceeded to beat her daughter so hard blood matted in her hair and they didn’t know it but she had a couple of cracked ribs.  Every time she breathed it was like a knife going through her.

This story is a sad one, The Long Road Home a Story by Danielle Steel, but one you will love.  The Long Road Home, you can find a copy at Amazon.  Get your copy now and find out what happens to the little girl named Gabriella.


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