The Mistress A Novel By Danielle Steel

The Mistress  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Natasha Leonova was discovered on the streets of Moscow, freezing, by a Russian billionaire by the name Vladimir Stanislas.  She lived under his protection for seven years immersed in luxury.  He had nursed her back to health. 

The yacht Princess Marina was anchored at Antibes in the Mediterranean.  The yacht was a five-hundred-foot and was in plain sight so every one could see her.  The crew swabbed down her decks and washed the salt water off of her as they did every evening.  Her owner, Vladimir Stanislas had three more yachts but this was what he preferred.  She was named after his mother that died when he was only fourteen. Vladimir was estimated with a worth of 40 to 50 billion which they knew of.  He was admired, feared and was known to be ruthless and never forgave his enemies.  He was known for being able to walk around and not recognized by most people.

Natasha was his current companion and she knew it wasn’t an option to have children nor was there any chance for marriage.  With an occasional rare exception, which was unusual, he was faithful to her.  She was without a doubt the most beautiful woman he had ever know.

Mean while Lorenzo Luca a masterful artist had a son Theo was trained by his father.  When Lorenzo, past his widow turned their house into a restaurant which was very popular with the elite.  One day Theo’s mother had asked him to cover for the maitre d’ and it was the same night Vladimir brought Natasha for dinner.   Theo watched Natasha’s every move while they were looking at their menu’s.  He was mesmerized by her.

The Mistress a Novel by Danielle Steel is a book with intrigue, theft and love or is it just obsession.  What happens to Vladimir, Natasha and and Theo.  This book can be purchased at Amazon and you can then read the full story of this trio along with the rest of the characters.  Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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