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The Numbers Game by Danielle Steel, “In Danielle Steel’s stunning novel, modern relationships come together, fall apart, and evolve over time, proving that age is just a number.”

“Eileen Jackson happily cast her dreams aside to raise a family with her husband, Paul.  Together they built an ordinary life in a Connecticut town, the perfect place for their kids to grow up.  But when Eileen discovers that Paul’s late nights in Manhattan are hiding an affair with a younger woman, she questions all those years of sacrifice.  On the brink of forty, is it too late for her to start over?”

“Meanwhile, Paul’s girlfriend, Olivia, lives in the shadows of her mother, a famous actress, and her grandmother, a fiercely independent artist. Considering their unique brands of advise, Olivia takes a major step, expanding her art gallery business internationally.  Seeing her mother pursue old dreams and find love, Olivia realizes that there is so much she must learn about herself before committing her life to someone else”.

“Ultimately, Eileen decides to chase her dreams as well. She’s off to Paris to attend Le Cordon Bleu. What awaits is an adventure that reinvents her life and redefines her”.

“At every age, there are challenges to be met and new worlds to discover.  Danielle Steel creates an illuminating portrait of people driven by emotions and experiences, who realize that it’s never too late for a new beginning”.

The Numbers Game by Danielle Steel, Is an excellent example how fast a family unit can break down.  Eileen thought she and Paul had a good marriage until she found out he was cheating on her.  The wife is always the last one to find out her husband is cheating.  The children never like it when the parents break down.  Pennie took it the hardest due to the fact they married because of her.  Thankfully Eileen is a strong woman and she weathers the storm.

Pennie, Mark and Seth go to visit their father in New York and it’s a disaster.  Paul, not understanding how his children feel, introduces them to Olivia, his girlfriend.  Pennie right away picks up on who she real is and speaks out stating that she is the girlfriend.  Olivia leaves after 10 minutes or so. They talk about the fact that Eileen is always crying, not understanding she will get over it soon.  Eileen has a strong personality and she is the one who files for a divorce.

The Numbers Game by Danielle Steel,  The story is what we see quite often now a days.  They get married because they think they have to when she becomes pregnant. It’s a story you will enjoy because there is always a happy ending. You may purchase a copy of this book at Amazon.  Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen 2021

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