The Prodigal Son a Novel by Danielle Steel

The Prodigal Son A Story by Danielle Steel

Peter McDowell loses everything in a matter of days in the stock market. He lost his livelihood and his marriage.  All he has left is a lakeside cottage he inherited when his parents died. They left a modest estate to his twin brother Michael, who was a devoted father and a small-town doctor.  He was Dr. Mike to his communities that he served.  Peter is the only one who knows how Michael manipulated their parents,  driving Peter away.

Peter decides to live, for a while, at the cottage and fixes it up to eventually sell the property. He finds that the memories are good and bad but still, wants to invite his son’s Ryan and Ben to see the cottage. Michael is surprised that the prodigal son has returned. He and Peter have a reunion that is real and tender.  He is taken back by how fragile his sister-in-law is.  Michael tells him that Maggie has Parkinson’s.  Maggie tells Peter about her son Bill, in London, who does not get along with his father.

Peter is contacted by a Brokerage Firm in London about an interview.  While there he contacts Bill and invites him for dinner.  Bill asks him how his mother is doing.  He continues to tell his uncle how bad his father is, a sociopath and crazy. When he gets home he finds a man waiting for him who tell’s him that his brother killed their father.  He finds out that Maggie is in hospital, he goes there and finds Michael at her bedside and Maggie is asleep. Bill calls his uncle and begs him to get a sample of Maggie’s hair and take it to a Lab in Boston, he finally agrees.  The next day he gets the results and they are positive for Paraquat.

This story is full of betrayal, intrigue,  suspense, suspicion and a struggle of survival.  If you would like to read the ending of this story you may purchase it at Amazon.  The Prodigal Son A Story by Danielle Steel.

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