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The Ranch by Danielle Steel,  Mary Stuart, Tanya and Zoe were inseparable in college but in the twenty plus years that followed, they moved on in their lives.  One summer they found themselves alone, wrestling with the present and the past.  At a ranch in Wyoming, they come together and find courage, healing and truth.

Mary Stuart after twenty-one year’s of marriage to a Lawyer, suffers from the guilt or the fear of her husband not forgiving her for their son’s death….Tanya, a popular and award-winning singer with fame and success–legions of fans, a mansion and a broken heart….Dr. Zoe Phillips with little time for herself as a mother of an adopted two year old, and working in a AIDS clinic in San Francisco–news forces her to  reevaluate her current life and her future.

Mary Stuarts thoughts went to Tanya after seeing the tabloids and when she got home and checked her messages Tanya called.  Tanya asked Mary Stuart how she was and she didn’t believe what she was told.  Tanya had a sixth sense about it but, she only pushed a bit not like Zoe would have.  Tanya finally asked her if she was going with Bill to London for the case.  Stu (as she was called in college) said no she wasn’t because Bill had said he was going to be too busy to entertain her.  Tanya told her she was coming to New York for a show and an interview for someone to write her life story but,  she didn’t think she was interested in someone writing her story.

The next morning Tanya got up early and saw the paper before her husband.  In it she was being sued by an ex-employee for alleged sexual harassment.  The following week she flew to New York and picked up Stu to go for lunch.  They had a good talk about what was going on in their lives and then Tanya invited Stu to join them in Wyoming.  At first she declined because she had a trip planned with her daughter, Alyssa.  There was also a party given by a friend, Felicia Davenport, the following evening and Tanya issues the invitation for Stu and Bill.

Tanya had a devastating conversation with her husband where he told her he was moving out. Stu called her just after she had hung up and Stu told her to come over which she finally agreed to.  Stu made her a cup of tea and they talked.  Tanya got up and headed for the washroom but went to the wrong door.  She went to Todd’s room and Stu was very emotional.  She said she didn’t go in there any more.  Todd had died at his own hand in his room at Princeton.  They talked about him for a while.  Tanya talked about how he looked like Stu. Finally Tanya went back to her hotel room and they both got ready for the party at Felicia’s.

When Tanya got home she found out that her soon to be ex-husband’s ex-wife didn’t want the kids exposed to her lifestyle.  She also found out that he had moved out.  She was glad to realize that neither she or her soon to be ex-husband were in the paper.  She did find an article on Dr. Zoe Phillips and her AIDS clinic.  She pulled out Zoe’s number and called her.  Tanya got a nurse and was told Dr. Phillips was busy with a patient and she was asked if she would like to leave a message.  The nurse asked her if she THE TANYA THOMAS and she said yes.  I few minutes later Zoe came on the line.  They talked for a few minutes and Tanya offer the invitation to Wyoming, which she declined.

Mean while Stu got a call from Alyssa canceling their trip, she wanted to go with friends.  So when Tanya called her after speaking to Zoe.  Stu told her about the cancelation and Tanya then suggested she come to Wyoming.  A few days later Zoe had sent off a lab request and it came back positive for AIDS she was devastated it had been for herself.  Her relief Doctor told her she looked terrible and should take some time off. Which, after a long discussion, she agreed to take a week off.  She called Tanya and she was thrilled to have Zoe join.  Tanya didn’t tell her though that Stu was going to be there too.

Zoe was the first to arrive since she flew to Wyoming. Stu was the first to get upset and claimed she would leave as soon as possible. Zoe said she would leave because she should not have come anyway.  They argued back and forth till Tanya got upset with them and said she this to hopefully bring closer to the fighting.  By the next day everything was resolved….

The Ranch by Danielle Steel, I’m sure you would like to know how their two week vacation goes.   Well, you can get a copy of ‘The Ranch’ at Amazon. Does Stu forgive Bill or does she find some one to love?  Does Zoe tell her friends the truth about her positive test? And does Tanya find some one to love? There is a lot of things going in this book, enjoy the rest of what I haven’t told you.  Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen 2020.

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