The Right Time a Novel by Danielle Steel

The Right Time  a Novel by Danielle Steel,   Alexandra Cortez Winslow had long black hair, creamy skin and large green eyes which she kept squeezed shut as her parents argued.  It was that way after her mother got bored and she wanted to leave.  When she left they never knew when she was coming home again.  Alex, as she was called by her father,  was her constant care giver, always sent her to her room when there was going to be an arguement between her parents.

The time she spent with her father was near and dear to her heart.  She loved the stories he would read to her.  He started her off with books like Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot . Which I read as  well.  The older she got the more she would get into thrillers.  She had a nack for writing these types of stories  and her father would read them and tell her how to make them even better.  He took all her stories and put them in binders for her to keep.

When alex was thirteen they found out that her father was ill with Alzheimer’s or dementia but he didn’t want to tell her about it yet.  After he say his Doctor the next day he went to see his lawyer.  The only thing they could come up with was boarding school but he knew she would hate that.  He slowly became more confused about where he was and who he was with.  She contacted the Doctor when he refused to get out of bed and he told her what was going on.  They go him a male nurse and she looked after him on weekends.  She was fourteen when he died at the hospital after she had left to go to school.  At his funeral she found out that her mother had past away and he had her buried beside him with his first wife.

No one knew what to do with her now that she was alone.  The lawyers wife called her cousin because she claimed that her cousin was a great problem solver.  After her cousin, who was a mother superior in a modern day convent, had a conversation with the rest of the nuns they decided to have her come for a visit.  So it all worked out that she went to live in a convent with nuns as her gaurdians. There she found time to write her stories again.  She became the favorite of all the nuns that where assigned to her care.  Mother MaryMeg as she was know to them all, really loved her stories and one day called her into her office and told her she should get her book published.  Alex explained that she needed an agent to represent her and she didn”t know of one.  Well, Mother MaryMeg the problem solver, came up with the answer.

Alex called the number Mother MaryMeg had given her and after speaking to the agent she had an appointment the next day at 3 pm with Rose Porter.  Well, Rose Porter loved the book and set her up with an editor, Bert Kingsley. As  Rose had told her he was hard to reach so she let it ring.  She had also given Rose enough time to send him her book.  Just as she was about to hangup he answered the phone and told her to come by on Saturday at 3 pm.  He told her the changes to make in order to tighten it up and moving certain blocks of text to a different area of the book. She was happy with the results and made the changes as he suggested to her and after he gave her permission to forward her book to her agent.

She had one request of Rose and that was the use of a male pseudonym. Her father had always told her that men don’t read books written by a woman.  The name she chose was Alexander Green.  Her career took off………!!!

The Right Time by Danielle Steel.  I hope you enjoyed are travel into the life of Alexandra Cortez Winslow.  Does her career take off?  Does she regret the use of a pseudonym…?  Does she ever get married…?  Does she ever have children…?  Get The Right Time and find out for yourself!! Thank you (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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