The Sins of the Mother A Novel By Danielle Steel

The Sins of the Mother A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Olivia Grayson sat in on the board meeting and listened intently her blue eyes took in everything.  She was sharp and quick and saw everything going in the presentation and the members of the board.  Peter Williams, their legal counselor, was also at the meeting.  She had requested he be present because he always had sage advise for her. 

Olivia was thrilled with her plans for the family vacation this year.  She knew that Cassandra (Cassie) would decline as she had in past years since their father had died.  Phillip and Cassie were made from the same mold.  John and Elizabeth (Lizzie) were also alike but, different from Phillip and Cassie.  She knew Phillip and Cassie blamed her for not being there when their father past.  Phillip was married to Amanda, John to Sarah with a son, Alex and Lizzie was divorced for the second marriage the birth of her second daughter, named Carole, her first-born was Sophie.

Olivia waited patiently on the Deck of the ship she had rented for their vacation.  They went swimming and used the water toys for fun.  Phillip and John wanted to go fishing. She asked Alex to take her jet skiing which she found most enjoyable.

Sarah was a Professor so Lizzie decided to take the book she had written and asked her for an opinion. The next day Sarah told her to throw it away but, her mother over heard the conversation and she spoke to her daughter and asked to read it.  She felt that Sarah may have given her the wrong advise.  She finally convinced her daughter to give it to her even though she was wanting to get rid of it and she could tell that Sarah had really upset her.  She could see the tears coming out of her eyes.  The next day Olivia told her that the story would be a hit and she should contact her agent.

The Sins of the Mother A Story By Danielle Steel  does Lizzie take her book to her agent or not.  Who is her agent and what will he tell her?  If you want to find out you can buy a copy at Amazon.  By Erma Friesen

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