The Wedding by Danielle Steel

The Wedding by Danielle Steel



The Wedding by Danielle Steel,  Allegra Steinberg an Entertainment Lawyer was stuck in traffic on her way home. She turned on the radio and heard a song by one of her clients, Bram Morrison.    She was constantly called by her clients but she had managed to finally get out of the office.  Blaire Scott, her mother was the writer and producer of a show with high rates.  Simon Steinberg, her father was a movie producer.  Samantha, her sister wanted to be an actress.  Scott, her brother was going to school to be a doctor and he was the only one not involved with the entertainment field.

She thought of calling Brandon at the office, decided to wait till she got home.  He was a defense attorney which he called ‘Real law’ compared to hers.  She liked his two girls that lived in San Francisco with their mother.  He was separated from his wife and they were working on their divorce.  She had been going out with him for two years. He was not committing to a more serious relationship and that is why he kept his own apartment.  She had a message from her mother asking if she was coming to dinner on Friday and the Golden Globe Awards dinner the following evening.  Brandon came over that night at ten o’clock.  The next morning she asked him about the dinner at her parents place, he insisted that he was going to see his family that weekend.  So she didn’t  have a date for Saturday, she dialed a number from memory.

He picked up on the second ring and Alan Carr made her feel better.  She asked him if he was busy Saturday and after some more fun banter he agreed to go with her.  They had been friends since high school days so they knew each other well.  She had to arrange body guards for a client named  Carmen Connors who was a nominee for the Golden Globe Awards.  Carmen’s date had been arranged by the committee of the Golden Globe Awards.

When Alan came to pick her up she asked if they could do some pick ups on the way.  Carmen, with her body guards, was the first to be picked up and Alan realized when he met her, she could have been a Marilyn Monroe look-a-like.  They stopped to pick up Carmen’s date who sat in the front with the driver since the back was fairly full.  They may have had other dates but, Alan and Carmen hit it off from the minute they saw each other. Allegra’s mother sadly didn’t win in her division but her father won in his and so did Carmen.  Her father also won the Humanitarian Award which they didn’t hand out very often.

Allegra had to got to New York to see a possible client.  She had also planned a number of other appointments while she was there.  Her first appointment went well and she received an invitation to go to a party that evening.   At the party she met Jeff Hamilton and they hit it off immediately.   She found out that he was living in LA as well, he had just come to New York to see his mother.  Due to the weather in New York she had extended her trip. But Jeff and Allegra enjoyed themselves for the rest of the week whenever they were not in meetings.  But because she was seeing Brandon she didn’t want to give Jeff any hope of a relationship with her at that time.

Just before she left New York she called Brandon’s office and found out he was going to San Francisco for the weekend to see his family.  She decided to surprise him but when she got there she got a surprise.  He was out of the room at the time but there was women’s clothes laying around, along with underwear which would not have fit his wife.

The Wedding by Danielle Steel, what will Allegra do now that she knows Brandon has been cheating on her.  Will she dump him or take him back?  Or, will she go to Jeff.  There are other surprises that I haven’t mentioned but, you will enjoy finding out.  You can purchase a copy at Amazon. Thank you  (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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