Three Shall Be One

“Three-Shall-Be-One” by Francena Arnold is a story of love, quarreling, mystery and God’s hand bringing them together again.  Chetwolde and Patricia thought husbands and wives quit loving each other then started to quarrel.  They never doubted each other’s love but ugly bickering could arise between.

The first few years had been wonderful and they were really happy.  Scarcity of money, had always been a problem in spite of hard work and then the arrival of the babies one year apart.

Then Tony’s mother, arrived unexpectedly.  Linda could not believe the change in her lighthearted, boyish–a husband, dad and a regular fellow.  When Tony’s mother, left for a time, argument’s erupted over small matters.  Where did they go wrong?  His mother came home again after a few weeks vacation.  She brought with her a usual attitude of displeasure with how Linda decorated  the house.  After a few weeks Tony’s cousin who he disliked but his mother considered them best of friends, she heard he was back again and was immediately invited for dinner without Tony and Linda’s approval.  On one occasion when Linda wasn’t feeling her best they insisted on her going out with them. Miles offered to drive her home, he was so drunk that they had a accident, he forced some liquor down her throat.  When she got home Tony and his mother were already home waiting for her.  Tony screamed at her and then turned to his mother and told her it was her fault and went out the door.  Linda’s decorated was so bad the only thing she could think of is Aunt Lucy, she would look after her.  She new the babies would be alright until she came back.  She went out as quietly as she could.  She didn’t know how long it would be for the train to take her to Aunt Lucy’s and in case she blackout she put her aunt’s name and address on a piece of paper and pined it on her clothing…………..

What happens to Linda, Tony, his mother and her babies…………..

The Story of “Three Shall Be One” by Francena Arnold.

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