Turning Point A Novel By Danielle Steel

Turning Point  A Novel By Danielle Steel  Bill Browning, Stephanie Lawrence, Wendy Jones and Tom Wylie, all Doctors at different Hospitals in San Francisco, come together for a trip to their sister city in France.  This trip was a real honor for all of them to share ideas.Turning Point

Bill Browning worked at San Francisco General, he was always busy with gangs who would try to kill each other in the hospital so they included electronic access codes and metal detectors but sometimes a gun would make it’s way into emergency and a staff member would be threatened.  Bill didn’t have anyone to go home to so worked a lot of hours, but he didn’t miss talking to his daughters Philippa, called, Pip and Alexandra, called Alex.  He planned to see them on his stay in France.

Stephanie Lawrence was waiting to hear when she would get a promotion to the head position in the emergency room at UCSF. She worked there as a trauma Doctor.  At home she had her husband, Andy who looked after two boys named Aden and Ryan.  It was Christmas morning and the boys were excited by the two bicycles they found under the tree.

Wendy Jones spent Christmas as usual waiting for her married lover.  She was a trauma/surgical critical care program Doctor at Stanford University Medical Center.  Jeff Hunter was a well known cardiac surgeon at Stanford.  She didn’t know where she stood in Jeff’s life but Wednesday evenings were sacred to her because that was one evening he gave her undivided attention.

Tom Wylie was in the doctors’ lounge at Alta Bates when he saw something on the TV flames shooting out from a building which turned out to be a hotel.  Tom decided to check with the head nurse to see if they had enough supplies since people were coming out with clothes on fire.  It was reasonable to think that some of them would be coming to Alta Bates.  Tom was usually the class clown and flirted with all the staff but now it was time for serious people.

All four of these doctors’ were called in to the head office of the hospital administration and given their invitations to go to France.

Turning Point A Novel By Danielle Steel  continues in France after which their counterparts’ will come to San Francisco to learn how it’s done there.  You will enjoy the rest of this story as it takes you to France and back again. Enjoy!! Thank you  Erma Friesen

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