Undercover A Novel By Danielle Steel

Undercover  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Marshall Everett  (aka Pablo Echeverria) Pablo came out of the hut where he and Paloma lived.  They were having their first child.  Pablo worked for her brother Raul Vasquez Lopez.  Raul was a powerful man in Columbia.  Pablo was Raul’s right hand.  Raul approved Pablo and Paloma getting together.   After a conversation with Raul, the next day Pablo went to the car to Bogota to met a man with a briefcase.  The men he met up with told him he was a marked man.  Raul was going to be told about him and his undercover work that night.  Pablo cut his hair and shaved his beard off and just like that he turning back into Marshall.  Raul came looking for Pablo but Paloma was alone and he killed her.  The story continues…………

Robert Gregory was a wealthy man, he had a wife he loved and a daughter called Ariana.  His greatest tragedy was the lose of his wife, Laura who died of a brain tumor.  He was devastated at her death and turned to Ariana for comfort.  His one regret was that he had never been an ambassador.  Phillip Armstrong was his last chance for the ambassadorship and he wanted to make sure he got it.  As it turned out Robert didn’t get the countries he had want but was asked to go to Argentina.  As it turned out Robert had some convincing to do with Ariana, she wanted to stay with her new possible boyfriend but at the end of the day,  she did as her father wanted her to do.  The story continues………….

Here Marshall and Ariana meet and end up in the Witness Protection Program which they are unable to tell their friends about.  Do they get involved with each other?  The story continues…………

Undercover  A Novel By Danielle Steel  How does each story end?  How do they meet?  Where do they meet?  Have I peaked your interest enough to buy the book?  I hope so because you will enjoy the stories which end in their meeting each other.  Thank you (c)  Erma Friesen   2020

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