Vanished A Novel By Danielle Steel

Vanished  A Novel By Danielle Steel.

Charles Delauney moved slowly up the steps to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.  He had forgotten how cold it was in New York at Christmas time.  He still dreamed of Marielle.  She was only eighteen when they met.  She was beautiful and full of mischief and he just had to have her.  Her parents were not in agreement with this so they took her on a trip to Deauville and he followed her Capri….London…..Pompeii…..Rome. Everywhere they went he had friends.

Charles could not do with out her so he proposed.  She wasn’t sure he was serious.  Finally she said ‘Yes.’  They knew her parents would not give their consent so they eloped.  Her parents were left a note and they planned for an annulment which Marielle said no to.  She proceeded to tell her parents and her husband the she couldn’t have an annulment because she was pregnant.  Her parents were upset and Charles was amused.

The young nun watched Charles as he knelt, she saw a tear come down his cheek.  He looked straight forward and couldn’t pray for them.   In the distance he saw her dressed in furs, he thought he imagined her but as she came forward he realized that she was real.  She took her one glove off and knelt at a near by altar.  For a long time she prayed then got up and light four candles.  “You look so serious, Marielle” he said. She said “It’s a difficult day. . .for both of us. . .”  They chatted for a bit, she told him she was married.  To Malcolm Patterson.  He asked if he could see her again but she said i’m married.

Vanished  A Novel By Danielle Steel  will she see him again or not? If you wish to find out please purchase a copy from Amazon or try your local thrift store.  You’ll be surprised at the ending.  Enjoy!!  Thank you  Erma Friesen

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