Winners by Danielle Steel

Winners by Danielle Steel



Winners by Danielle Steel, Lily Thomas woke up when the alarm went off.  She didn’t want to miss skiing with her favorite instructor, Jason Yee.  Looking out to see what was happening she didn’t thing they would get more than a couple of runs in. There was a heavy blizzard going on and in the distance she could hear the dynamite blasts to prevent avalanches.  She went down for breakfast and then headed out with the shuttle.    She got on the lift and Jason was just behind.  When she got to the highest point from the ground, all at once she felt herself falling and when she landed everything went white and she black out.

Her father in the mean time looked out the window and he couldn’t even see the lifts.  He thought he’d go out and meet her for lunch but when he got there with his rented car, there were ambulances and firetrucks all over.  He went and ask an officer what had happened and he was told the cable broke.  He told the officer that his daughter was out there with her trainer Jason Yee.  The officer noticed that Jason was on the deceased list but didn’t tell Bill that.  Bill was really worried now.  They brought down a young boy and he had broken legs and other possible injuries.

A few minutes later they brought Lily down.  Bill ran to her and jumped on the ambulance and said he was her father and no one said anything.  He followed her in at the hospital but a nurse tried to stop him, but he pushed her aside and that’s my daughter in there and had to be with her.  A doctor was working on her, he just looked at the resident doctor and the resident pulled Bill out of there.  He sat him down in a waiting room and started to question him about Lily’s health.

When Dr. Ben Steinberg came out to talk with Bill, he told him he had contacted his partner a neurosurgeon because the results of her tests were inconclusive and he wanted her to look Lily’s tests over.  Bill said he hadn’t agreed to any surgery yet.  He wanted the best surgeon for Lily.  Dr. Ben Steinberg said Dr. Jessie Matthews was the best.  After Jessie looked at all the tests and check Lily, she went out to talk to her father.  Bill wanted their credentials which Jessie gave him and Ben added his as well. But Bill was still nervous about them doing surgery.  Jessie explained everything to him saying if it was a T10 complete, she would never walk again but if it was an incomplete then there was a chance that she could walk again.  He wanted to see his daughter before she was taken to surgery.  He was able to kiss her forehead before they left to take her to surgery.

Jessie texted her husband Tim who she hoped had taken Jimmy bowling.  He responded to her message immediately.  Tim dropped Heather and Adam off at there friends places and then he took Jimmy bowling.  When they left the bowling alley, Tim hit some ice and didn’t the car coming at him so there was an accident.  Jimmy was in the back seat and wasn’t injured as his father was.  Tim was dead.  They took Jimmy to the hospital to be checked  for a concussion and they admitted him till his mother came for him.  The police also tried to call Jessie but she had turned her cell phone off and every message went to voicemail.

Jessie got out early in the morning and she went to tell Bill the results that, Lily would never walk again unless research found a way of repairing the injury.   Bill didn’t take the news very well.  He decided that when Lily was released he would take her to all the experts.  Lily asked Jessie, when her father wasn’t around, if she would ever walk again and Jessie told her the truth of her condition.

After Jessie spoke to Bill she checked her cellphone and responded to each voicemail.  The officer on the desk had to give her the news of her husbands death and then she went to get Jimmy and took him home.  The first person she met was her son Chris who said that Dad and Jimmy never came home last night.  She asked Chris to go and get the other two kids.  Both kids were upset by being picked up early but Jessie wanted them all home before she told them that Daddy had died.  Later she asked her partner to go with her to make the identification.  Jessie couldn’t go in to see him so Ben did the identification.  The visitation was a nightmare but the funeral the next day was even worse.

Bill didn’t want to accept Jessie’s diagnoses so he got the names of five specialists and took Lily to see them when she was released he took her by private jet with a nurse that Jessie recommended, she also suggested and arranged a stay with the Craig Rehab Center in their home town.  Each Doctor Bill took Lily to said the same thing.  Finally Lily had enough and for a change that she had never done before she yelled at her father.  She wanted to go home.

Joe Henry was putting the bullets into his gun and was ready to shoot himself when the phone rang.  He figured for the last time to take the call.  It turned out that the caller was his friend, Bill Thomas.  Bill told him what was going on in his life which included Lily and her accident. Bill invited him to come visit at the hotel for dinner before they left for their last doctor’s visit which he accepted.   After the call he took the bullets out of the gun and locked them away.  Joe realized that others lives were worse then his.  At their dinner he invited Joe to come for a visit since Lily would be at Craig’s for a few months and he could use the company.

Winners by Danielle Steel is a get novel, if you wish to find out the rest of the story you could find it at Amazon or  possibly at a thrift store near you.  See the romances come to light in the rest of the story.  Bill hasn’t had a meaning full relationship since his wife died in an accident when Lily was very young.  Lily fears that no one will want her in a wheelchair.  Joes wife divorced him and moved to Napal following her guru.  Who do you think these people will end up with?  Thank you  (c)  Erma Friesen 2020.


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