ZOOM by Robert Munsch, Read Aloud Michael Martchenko

ZOOM by Robert Munsch,  Read Aloud by Michael Marchenko,

This story is about a little girl called Lauretta who was in a wheelchair.  Her mother was at school to pick her up and Lauretta, said I need a new wheelchair.  It was to be a surprise but we are going to find another wheelchair today.  When they arrived her mother pointed out a 5 speed wheelchair.  Lauretta, zoomed around the store.  When mother asked how she liked it….she replied ‘it’s too slow.’  They looked at a 10 speed again she went ZZOOOOOM around the store but she came back and when mother asked how she liked it…she replied ‘it’s too slow.’  Well, there’s a nice 15 speed so she went ZZOOOOOOOOOOOOM around the store.  When her mother asked again she said ‘it too slow.’

Finally her mother asked well, which one do you want.  Lauretta lead her mother to the back of the store and pointed to a nice red, black and silver with a 92 speed wheelchair.  Her mother said but that is a very expensive wheelchair, a nice lady that worked there said ‘why don’t you take it home for a day and try it for free.’  Lauretta was excited.

When they got home Lauretta raced up and down the driveway until she almost ran over her brother.  He yelled at her ‘You shouldn’t be in the driveway, go out on the road.  Well, she said OK and went out on the road.  It wasn’t long before she was going at a speed of 92 when the policeman pulled her over and gave her a $100 ticket for speeding.  He tied it around her wrist and away they both went.  When she got home all she could say was oh boy am I in trouble.

Her mother asked her what kind of ticket she had there, was it a movie ticket, a hockey game ticket or a baseball game ticket.  Lauretta said no it was a $100 speeding ticket.  Over supper her mother and father both said the wheelchair has to go back.  Her brother was trying to do 3 things at once and he poked his finger with the fork.

Well there I will end my tale so that you can watch the video and get the ending of this wonderful story ZOOM by Robert Munsch.

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