Zoya by Danielle Steel

Zoya  by  Danielle Steel

Zoya  by  Danielle Steel, an epic story of life, loss and everlasting love.  The story starts with Zoya, at the age of seventeen, riding in a troika with a family servant, Feodor, forced the shining black horses on with a whip.  She had just come from her ballet lesson and heading toward her cousins home in the Tsarskoe Selo.  Zoya was one of the families most beautiful, with red hair and green eyes.  She had told Feodor that he would not be blamed if they stopped at Tsarskoe Selo.  Zoya’s father, Konstantin and the Tsar were distant cousin’s and like Marie’s, her own  mother was also German.

Marie had sent her a note telling her, she was desperately bored with everyone else down with the measles and she was perfectly fine and besides Zoya was not going to see the sick.   The Cossack Guard stopped them but when they saw who it was and since Zoya was familiar figure at Alexander Palace they were allowed to go in.  It was the preferred palace of the Empress. They seldom used the Winter palace  in St. Petersburg, except for balls and state occasions. Zoya was often with them at the Livadia Palace in the summer until she had to go to school at Smolny Institute. Zoya felt Alexander Palace was also her favorite.  She was in love with the Empress’s mauve boudoir and had asked for her room to be mauve as well.

Zoya was familiar with where Marie’s room was so after the maid took her coat and hat, off she went to find Marie in her room.  They gossiped and chatted till all at once she realized that it was almost dinner and she had promised Mama she would be back for the evening meal. Marie had a couple of gifts for Zoya before she left. A small flacon of Lilas, Marie’s favorite perfume.  And the other gift was given to her from Marie and the Empress herself. A small puppy named Sava who processed to lick Zoya’s face when they gave Sava to her.  They ordered more tea for the Empress and chatted for a while until Zoya noticed how dark it was getting outside.  She realized that dinner was going to be late because of her late arrival.

When Zoya arrived home her brother surprised her.  Nicolai had come to talk with his father about rumors they had both heard.  Konstantin told him that the Tsar concerned but they were keeping watch for now.   A few days later Nicolai was back again with more rumors.  Again a few days later Nicolai friends brought him home after being injured to the point that he died  in his father’s arms.  The war had begun in Russia.

I will leave the story there, you will have to purchase the book to find out how Zoya survives.  You will find out about the men she married and lost them and about the children they gave her.

Zoya by Danielle Steel, a book that takes a young teenager to her senior years with the men she loved and lost.  You will truly enjoy this story of lose and love with a teenage ballerina.  Thank you   (c) Erma Friesen 2020

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